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Public Art

  • Mesa Prototype, Mesa Main St Prototype Festival-Mesa, AZ $3,500
  • Medallions: Maricopa Housing Authority $50,000
  • ‘Carmada’: Phoenix Arts and Culture/Murphy School District collaboration at Garcia School $12,000
  • Wind Driven Oil Derricks: Tempe Arts and Culture at University and Price Rd. $4,500
  • Installation at Hence Park (temporary) Phoenix Arts and Culture $3,500
  • Balloon Bridge installation $15,000 


Experience as a teaching Artist has been wide and varied over the last 20 years. Being an Artist/Engineer gives me many tools from which I can apply when working with students. “Art Makes You Smart” has been my motto. Using the arts to teach Math, Physics, Writing and higher level thinking has been rewarding for me and the students. Many many positive stories have come out of this experience, too many to tell in so little space. But send me a note and I will tell you a few relating to the Pics and more. Such as with the Pin Wheel Calalily flower project where each student is empowered with being part of a greater art project, irrelevant of their personal skill level.

Mesa Prototype

was an installation of a unique miniature library that looked like a book. The book ends could fold up and down and the book pages were the shelves holding the books. 2017 $3,500 Materials were wood, paint and metal studs and Plexiglas.


4×5 ft. (2017) steel pipe and metal design. A site specific public art project by the Maricopa Housing Authority. 54 of these were made out of cloth line frames recycled from the housing redevelopment project. The designs were made by 6th – 8th grade students. A three-year effort involving School District, community, City and County Government, the construction Co. and partner Martin Moreno.

Budget $50,000 cost $50,000 I am the project manager and fabricator.


14ft x 25ft x 45ft, (2009) A Ramada made of recycled wire spools, car hoods, and steel bars obtained from the city dump and an auto recycler next to Garcia School at 27th and Buckeye Rd. This was a financial collaboration between the Phoenix Arts and Culture and the Murray School District and community partners. This structure has been standing and maintaining its’ integrity and aesthetic charm for 9 years with no required maintenance. Site specific project. Estimated budget $12,000 and a total cost of $10,500 the construction involved 200 elementary school students, many community volunteers and several School District departments, plus community partners.

Wind-Driven Oil Derrick

15ft x 7ft x 2ft, (2006 )Street signage, crutches, car gears, on concrete pole from old Mill Ave. in Tempe, Az. A Temporary installation for the Tempe Arts and Culture at Priest and University. The development involved community research and persuasion of many city departments to collaborate with each other and me, a site-specific project. Budget: $4,000 cost $4,000

City of Phoenix

Temporary installation for the city of Phoenix at Hence Park: an artistic statement on Mexican immigrants crossing the Arizona desert at the border. The materials are 50 wind powered whirligigs, a 10 ft. by 16 ft. rusty chain link enclosure, paint, PVC tubing, sand and objects abandoned by the immigrants in their plight. Made for Art Detour 2005

Balloon Bridge

Balloon Bridge: A 4,000 ft long (1983) 20,000 helium-filled balloon rainbow going from the Guye West Bridge to the 6th floor of the California State University library in Sacramento. The balloons nearest in the image were 48 inches in diameter to left, the cable and assembly over trees and buildings. (A public art project while I was an Engineering student that culminated in a double BS degree.) The project involved many Art and Engineering classrooms of students, city and university governments and many community partners. I organized a team of Engineering and Business students to help organize the logistics.

Budget $18,000 cost $15,500


Location of Residencies

Artist in Residence Teaching:

  • Botanical Gardens 2021
  • ASU Tap program 2021
  • YMCA applied math Glendale Az 2017 – 2018
  • Hamilton Elementary, and Moya Elementary Phx Az. 2016
  • Phx Arts and Culture “Arts Build” part of the STEM Program 2015
  • Shemer APublic Artrt Center Scottsdale Az 2013-2014
  • Vision Gallery Chandler Az. 2013 – 2022
  • Summer Art Program Xico inc. Chandler, Az. 2009-2012 At Risk Kids,
  • Basha High School Chandler, Arizona 2/09-4/09
  • Garcia Elementary School Phoenix, Arizona 2/09-5/09 involved 600 kids in one project, with tile making and recycling car parts to make a Carmada, and teach an after school program to 7th and 8th grade At Risk Kids.
  • Art Space After School Program Phoenix Arizona 2/09-6/09, 3 Title 1 Schools
  • Summer Art Programs: (kinetic art) for At Risk Kids, City of Phoenix 03,07
  • Free Arts Summer Camp 06, Art Car project 07
  • Ingleside Middle School Scottsdale, AZ day program and after school.
    Sculptural Ceramic Structures 10/05 –11/05
  • Maricopa High School, Maricopa, Az., involved all ceramic classes in the covering of three 10 foot high pillars with science art ceramic tiles 10/04-5/05,
  • Train teacher how to develop science programs through the arts. 04, 05
  • Develop higher-level thinking through Art, Cochise School Cochise, Az.05
  • Simpson School North Phoenix, Art car project with 7th and 8th graders and higher-level thinking through the Arts for 4th – 6th graders. 03, 04, 05
  • Underdown Jr High School Littleton, Az. Train teachers to use Art in the development of writing, science and math curriculum 03,04,05
  • J.L. Kennedy School Sept. to Dec. 2003 train teachers the inclusion of Art in school curriculum, Summer Art Program with at risk kids 4-6th graders, make Art for the 100th Anniversary of Aviation 04
  • Williams School Phoenix, AZ. Summer Art Program with at risk kids 4-6th graders, made Art for the 100th Anniversary of Aviation 04
  • Desert Arroyo High School Cave Creek AZ. Involved all Art classes in the making of three Art Cars 03
  • Mesa Art Academy 7th and 8th grade Kinetic Art 02