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Current Projects

Lupita Car info:

Lupita Car is a sequel to the Madonna Car. This license plate sculpture will transition from a horizontal to a vertical position while displaying lighting effects. The transition is facilitated by the 90-degree folding of the chassis as shown in the Model of the project. The rolling chassis has been built and currently working on the power and control system, and the body to be made of about 500 license plates. 

I need many green license plates if you would like to be a part of this project. I’m asking people to scratch their name on the face of a green or a plate with some green in it and get it to me before I complete this sculpture. 

Art Prints:

Working out some mono print Ideas involving some local art persons, some classic car images  and a silk screen image of two combined historical family history photos. 

Pipe Line  Idea: 

A sculpture of Cesar Chavez on a tractor and his figure made out of License plates donated by the people that love and admire him.