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I have been a folk artist for over thirty years; my artistic repertoire began with surface painting and drawing.Creative Mind of Jose Benavides I would read about artists like Diego Rivera, Picasso and Ellsworth Kelly in the 1970’s , in the 80’s my hero was Cristo, so I made my version of environmental art. In the nineties I decided to get formally trained as an artist. It was not like I pictured it to be but I eventually attained a Masters in studio art. Ironically, I now borrow from the Folk Art Genre to express most of my artistic self and my current heroes are Gene Tungaly, Harrod Blank, Gilbert Lujan, and some Folk Artists.

My Ideas

Most of the artwork I do currently involves recycling existing objects, which display a time-cured patina on its surface. These objects contain the vibrations, fingerprints and maybe even the emotions of the people who handled them. The handling of these objects creates a patina on its surface which is evidence of history. Some day we may be able to read the surface of these objects to get a story out of them. But they tell a story already so I use that story in giving meaning to my art objects. Part of the meaning is giving new value to what was previously discarded.

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